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What do we mean by New Editions?

Our reprinted books are derivative works based on original texts long out of print and now in the public domain (which means that at least seventy years has elapsed since the author’s death, and copyright has expired). All are books of historical and cultural importance from the Victorian period and the early twentieth century. The subjects are mainly in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) of a bygone era.

However, our books are NOT slavish copies of the books printed long ago by long defunct publishers. All are newly typeset in modern, easily readable typefaces. Our aim is provide a prime reading experience, not to produce books which in essence are fakes, attempting to look “old”. Many such can be found in online book stores, usually reproduced by OCR scanning, which are never proof-read, contain innumerable errors and are not worth their asking price. Beware!

Instead, our reprints are truly New Editions, with attractive specially designed covers for each book (OCR scanned books usually have a single nondescript cover design for every book offered by individual producers - again, beware!) We do not, of course, omit a single word of the author’s text, or a single illustration, figure or table found in the original. But we do more, we add some content. We usually include a short biography of the author, together with notes about the book’s history, and we often provide explanations of an author’s contemporary references, if they have long since passed out of memory.

We carefully edit the text, for example we might break up long passages into shorter and more readable paragraphs. Sometimes we break text up into separate chapters, where such divisions are lacking in the original. Pagination is not the same as the original, but is designed to suit the new edition. Tables of Contents and Lists of Figures are updated to reflect the new pagination. If such are absent in the original publication, then we provide them. Captions to illustrations are either reproduced or added if not otherwise present.

Finally, before publication, our books are proof-read by at least two readers, in an attempt to remove any errors which may have crept in unnoticed during print preparation. Enjoy!

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