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The Railway Signalling Series

Signalling Practise in Britain, the British Colonies, Europe and America
during the Steam Era

All books in this series are fully illustrated, some in full colour
L. F. Lewis

Title:  Railway Signal Engineering in the Mechanical Era
Author:  Leonard Lewis
Editor:  Gordon Roberts
Date: 1932
Subject: Mechanical Railway Signalling
Editions:  1910/1912/1932
Pages:  224 (in full colour)
Format:  Paperback
Size:  7 x 10 in (178 x 253 mm)
ISBN:  978-0-9563585-8-5
Series: Railway Signalling Series
Published:  28 Oct 2013
U.K. £ 29.95 - U.S.A. $ 49.95

This standard treatise on mechanical railway signalling by Leonard Lewis was written at the turn of the twentieth century. Originally published in 1910 as Railway Signal Engineering (Mechanical), a second edition followed in 1912. A third edition, revised and enlarged by J. H. Fraser, appeared in 1932. Since its original publication, now more than 100 years ago, much if not all of the mechanisms and practices described and illustrated have disappeared from the modern high-speed railways of Britain and the rest of the world. In his preface to the first edition, Lewis wrote that he intended the book to be '… suitable for men who are engaged in railway work, but not necessarily in connection with the Signalling Engineer's Department.' Today, such men no longer have any professional interest in what to them is now archaic and superseded. However, with the popular growth of preserved heritage railways, and the dedicated reconstruction and re-creation of many railway artefacts by enthusiasts, it is no longer possible to state categorically that any particular mechanism or operating procedure described in the book is extinct. Although they may have disappeared from modern railways in the electronic and computer controlled age, original or replica items or otherwise obsolete methods of working may well be in regular use on preserved branch line railways or be on display in railway museums. Herein lies the main inspiration for this new edition at the start of the twenty first century. Lewis's book, once describing the very cutting edge of railway technology, has become with the passage of time a valuable work of history. Nevertheless, its contents may still be very relevant and of inestimable value to those responsible for the maintenance and operation of precious and irreplaceable signalling equipment on preserved steam and diesel railways, wheresoever those lines might be. Again, the ever growing band of collectors and restorers of old signalling equipment will find the technical material in these pages of more than passing interest.
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