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Overland and Submarine Telegraphy

Reprints in New Editions of early 20th Century Books

Newly typeset but with all the original text, illustrations, diagrams and tables included and with nothing left out,
but often including additional content

All the books in this series have an Editor's Forward
which contains a biography (and sometimes a photograph) of the original author(s)
together with any points of special interest within the treatise

Title: Submarine Telegraph Cables and Cable Ships
Authors: S. A. Garnham & R. L. Hadfield
Date: 1943
Edition: First
Pages: 240
Formats: Paperback and Kindle
Print Replica
Size: 6 x 9 in (152 x 229 mm)
ISBN: 979-8-6081207-2-5
Published: 4 Feb 2020

This is a new edition of a book first published in 1934, with the title The Submarine Cable, and as far as can be discovered there was only ever this one original printing. A search among the catalogues of the second-hand book trade show that this book is now extremely rare, if not unobtainable. Additional content has been incorporated into this edition, especially photographs of many of the cable-ships mentioned in the text. More informative captions have also been provided for all the illustrations. Some advertisements which provide a useful record of contemporary practice have also been included. Subjects covered include the beginnings of submarine telegraphy, the epic laying of the first cable under the Atlantic Ocean , how a cable works, how cables are laid, how repairs are carried out on cables which might lie up to three miles deep, and how cables are made. Also comprehensively covered are deep-sea sounding, enemies of the cable (saw-fish, sword-fish, sharks, whales, and the boring teredo worm, for example), and the telegraph systems of the world (today defunct and superseded by fibre optic telephone and data cables). Also discussed are the operations of cable-laying and cable-repair ships during the telegraph age, in peace and in war. Seven appendices provide short biographies of notable personalities connected with submarine telegraphy, as well as a summary of the training and career of cable operators. All told, this work provides a comprehensive insight into a technology which is being rapidly forgotten in the age of the internet.
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