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Where and how can we Buy?

Readers in Europe or the rest of the world may prefer to visit Amazon Online book stores for their own countries, to see pricing in their own currencies. In this case, go to the CATALOGUE find the book you are interested in, copy or save the ISBN (which is a number unique to every book), return here and click your preference below. When the Amazon book store opens, select “Books” and paste the ISBN into the search box.

FRANCE            GERMANY          ITALY            SPAIN            HOLLAND          AUSTRALIA

CANADA          INDIA                  BRAZIL          MEXICO         JAPAN

Books may not be available at all times from all the above stores. In which case, try another store. Amazon sites will usually ship worldwide.

Alternatively, you might like to use ABE BOOKS or BOOKFINDER which are first-class sites for finding book titles, stockists and independent sellers. Before clicking one or the other, have the ISBN ready to paste into the search box, as described above.


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