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Gordon Roberts

Title:  Robert Recorde, Tudor Scholar and Mathematician
Author: Gordon Roberts
Subject:  Biography
Edition:  First
Pages: 192
Format:  Paperback
Size:  5.375 x 8.4 in (137 x 214 mm)
ISBN:  978-1-7831685-4-5
Series:  Scientists of Wales
Published:  21 Apr 2016
Publisher:  University of Wales Press
U.K. £ 15.99 - U.S.A. $ 29.99

This enthralling biography, tells, for the first time, the complete story of one of Tudor England's most enigmatic figures. A Welshman born in Tenby, south Wales, c.1512, Robert Recorde was educated at both Oxford and Cambridge. This book, the first detailed biography of this Tudor scholar, reviews the many facets of his astonishingly wide-ranging career and ultimately tragic life. It presents a richly detailed and fully rounded picture of Recorde the man, the university academic and theologian, the physician, the mathematician and astronomer, the antiquarian, and the writer of hugely successful textbooks. Crown appointments brought Recorde into conflict with the scheming Earl of Pembroke, and eventually set him at odds with Queen Mary I. As an intellectual out of his depth in political intrigue, beset by religious turmoil, Recorde eventually succumbed to the dangers that closed inexorably around him.

The first in the "Scientists of Wales" series from the Univeristy of Wales Press. Authored by Gordon Roberts (TGR Renascent Books). Publication made possible with grant assistance from Tenby Museum and Art Gallery.

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