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TGR Renascent Books was founded for the express purpose of bringing texts from bygone ages back into print. We aim not to merely reprint these books in modern editions, but to faithfully recreate the pages just as they appeared and were read by our forebears centuries ago. To this end, although all the books are newly typeset using modern digital technology, the typography is exactly as the originals.

     The only things we do not faithfully reproduce are the mould spots, insect damage, ink leaching, fading, rents and tears that the passage of time has sadly inflicted on the originals. This is why we distinguish our books by calling them facsimiles. They very definitely are not modern reprints reproduced by photographic means and which therefore replicate all the wear and tear found in the originals, often making such reproductions difficult to read. In contrast, our books feature crystal clear text, diagrams and pictures all printed on good quality white paper.

      All our books include introductory notes giving information about the author, the book's history and where required, help in understanding the typographical conventions found therein.

The books in our Heritage Railway Signalling Series are new editions of standard treatises on railway signalling, originally written in the late nineteenth or early twentieth century. Since their original publication more than 100 years ago, much if not all of the mechanisms and practices described and illustrated in their pages have disappeared from the modern high-speed railways of Britain and the rest of the world.

     However, with the popular growth of preserved heritage railways, and the dedicated reconstruction and re-creation of many railway artefacts by enthusiasts, it is no longer possible to state categorically that any particular mechanism or operating procedure described in the books is extinct.

      Heritage Railway Signalling Series books are derivative works based on the original texts, and nothing has been omitted from the reprints. They are in every word as the original, except for a few minor corrections and additions.       Most notably, colour has been used, not only to provide a more visually appealing book for the enthusiast and the historian, but also in the hope that it adds somewhat to the understanding of technical descriptions and of the illustrations themselves.

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